Conference Venue

The meeting will be held at the Oryong Hall, the conference venue of the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST). The hall has stateof-the-art conference facilities and is an ideal meeting location. For details see (Korean)

GIST Oryong Hall can be reached by bus, train, or airplane from Incheon International Airport and is well connected by plane (40 min. from Gimpo (Seoul) Airport), high-speed KTX train (90 min. from Gwangmyeong Station) and express bus (3 hrs 30 min. from Seoul, Busan and Pohang).


Special Rates for the participants of the 6th Ertl Symposium (Promo code: ERTL)

 Standard room rate: per night & person incl. tax, service charge & breakfast.

Reservations should be made individually. Other hotels (★★to ★★★★) near the venue are also available.

  1    F&T Business Hotel  ,


  2    Venture Business Hotel,


About Gwangju

   Gwangju, also called the City of Light, with a population of 1.5 million, is the fifth-largest city in South Korea.

Gwangju is situated in the Southwestern part of South Korea, about 300 kilometers south of Seoul and can be easily reached from other major cities in South Korea. 

Gwangju has long been renowned for its tradition, customs, culture, and arts. It is home to the Gwangju Biennale, held every two years to celebrate the worldwide artistic accomplishments by accommodating works of both Asian and contemporary Western art.

The city has an important place in the history of South Korea’s democracy and human rights movement.

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